Gezi Park Restaurant



Yakut, the favourite red wine of Turkey. Yakut is distinctive red wine with rich aroma character very well balanced with its soft flavours of cherry and ripe tannins. It is very good match with any grilled meats Glass: 175ml £5.50 – Glass: 250ml £6.50 – Bottle: £18.50


It has red color with a crisp cherries and spices. It comes with a strong fruit intensity and smooth texture that envelops the palate. It is aged in Oak Barrels for three months. It has a good structure and volume. It matches very well with traditional lamb kebabs. Glass: 175ml £6.00 – Glass: 250ml £7.00 […]


Warm and dry red, typically spicy, full-bodied and just a little bit sweet, this is the kind of wine you will love with grilled red meat Glass: 175ml £5.50 – Glass: 250ml £6.50 – Bottle: £18.00